EQUIFit – for your personal vertigo therapy

without medication and non-invasive

Therapeutic effect scientifically proven

Therapeutic effect scientifically proven

and certified to the high standards of the German Medical Devices Act.

Efficient vertigo therapy

Efficient vertigo therapy

without medication, non-invasive and with long-term effect.



strengthens the linkage of  balance and proprioception.

Intuitive handling

Intuitive handling

with gesture control and audio guide.

Long battery life

Long battery life

for a full week of undisturbed training.

Dynamic training process

Dynamic training process

adapts to your individual progress – this way the training is safe and effective at all times.

Get back on your  feet

Vertigo throws you off balance. Whether you suffer from chronic vertigo or attacks, vertigo limits every aspect of one’s life, even though most forms of vertigo can be effectively cured.

Developed and made in Germany

in cooperation with



Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems



University of Duisburg-Essen – Department of Electronic Components and Circuits 

(ENT network North Rhine-Westphalia; medical guidance)

EQUIFit is a unique, newly developed biofeedback system. It provides affected people of all ages with a targeted therapy for their vertigo – without any medication and using non-invasive techniques.

What is biofeedback?

In the human body countless regulatory processes and bodily functions take place at any time without us being aware of this. Biofeedback detects these events and makes them accessible, e.g. through sounds. This allows the user to consciously influence otherwise unconscious body functions and control circuits.

How does EQUIFit work?

When we are in equilibrium, we keep our head and body straight: we are in the so-called equilibrium position.

EQUIFit is worn just like a regular headphone. Through its positioning directly on the head, it captures the information that is otherwise perceived by our inner ear: the relative position of the head and its movements.

If the user deviates from the equilibrium position, EQUIFit provides them with acoustic feedback by surround sound, allowing the user to bring themselves back into equilibrium. Through regular training, the other senses involved in balance learn to determine this position and vertigo disappears.

Training with EQUIFit

EQUIFit is a complete system and is ready to use. All exercises and training programmes are already preinstalled in the audio guide.

The user starts with an introduction to the functions, such as gesture control, and undergoes an initial short evaluation.

EQUIFit dynamically adapts the exercises to training progress and of course individual form on the day – so you train safely and effectively at all times.

For whom does EQUIFit work?

EQUIFit has been specially developed for the treatment of vestibular vertigo: for vertigo that is triggered by dysfunction of the organ of balance (the vestibular organ) in the inner ear. Our balance is based on the perfect interplay of numerous sensory impressions. The targeted training with EQUIFit allows the remaining senses to compensate for the failure of the inner ear.