Objective data for a reliable diagnosis.

EQUIMedi – the innovation for diagnosis and differentiation.

objective data: fast & reliable

Efficient vertigo diagnosis

Efficient vertigo diagnosis

is fast, reliable and cost-efficient.

Therapeutic effect scientifically proven

Therapeutic effect scientifically proven

and certified to the high standards of the German Medical Devices Act.

Including EQUISoft

Including EQUISoft

the all-in-one software solution for the determination of the degree of vertigo, as well as further parameters for vertigo differentiation.

Measurement history

Measurement history

supports the evaluation of therapy success.

The measuring system for physicians and healthcare professionals

More than one third of adults in the US experience some sort of vestibular disfunction. Despite this high clinical relevance vestibular dysfunction are not easy to diagnose, in part because those affected may have difficulties describing their sensory impression precisely. This problem can be solved with the objective data provided by EQUIMedi.

Developed and made in Germany

in cooperation with



Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems



University of Duisburg-Essen – Department of Electronic Components and Circuits

(ENT network North Rhine-Westphalia; medical guidance)

EQUIMedi has been specially designed for the examination and diagnosis of patients by doctors and healthcare professionals. Vertigo is a multi-faceted symptom and difficult to correctly detect in the doctor’s examination. This is partyl because it is often difficult for those affected to describe their subjective sensory impressions precisely.

Design & function

EQUIMedi is worn like a regular headphone. The information on head and body movements determined by sensors is recorded and transmitted via USB to EQUISoft for evaluation. The measured data are prepared before the transmission in such a way that only relevant information is indicated.

The system, consisting of EQUIMedi and EQUISoft does not forestall the physician when evaluating the measurement data: no direct diagnostic parameters or treatment recommendations are derived from the data.

From the data transmitted, EQUISoft determines a measure for the degree of vertigo as well as parameters for the further vertigo differentiation (indicators for the intensity and degree of dizziness and compensatory movements).

These are saved and displayed graphically and numerically. The information complements the anamnesis and other diagnostic measures to support the diagnosis of vertigo as well as the selection of individual therapeutic measures.