Exercising with EQUIFit can reduce your dizziness and improve your gait – all in the comfort of your own home. By exercising regularly for just five to ten minutes twice a day, you can effectively alleviate a wide range of dizziness symptoms. Recreational activities such as cycling, dancing or sports can become possible again. Further below you will find more information and explanatory videos.

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Therapeutic effect scientifically proven

and certified to the high standards of the German Medical Devices Act.

Efficient vertigo therapy

self-determined, non-invasive and with long-term effect.

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Acoustic biofeedback

gives you feedback on your balance during exercise.

equifit-icon-intuitive-bedienung Kopie

Simple announcements

guide you comfortably through your workout.

Free-time activities

can be practised again with regular training.

equifit-icon-dynamischer-trainingsverlauf Kopie

Dynamic training process

adapts to your individual progress - this way the training is safe and effective at all times.

Balance training with EQUIFit

EQUIFit is worn like a normal pair of headphones. It captures, through its position, the information that is otherwise captured by our inner ear: the relative position of the head and its movements. Easy-to-understand announcements guide you through the four basic exercises: Standing with eyes open and closed, and Walking with eyes open and closed. When you make great progress, the exercises can be varied. Click on the video to the right to watch training with EQUIFit.

You can find more videos on our YouTube channel!

Acoustic biofeedback

During the workout, you will receive feedback on your balance position through the headphones. If you deviate from this, a sound will be heard from the direction you are deviating, helping you to regain your balance position. To protect you from falling, a warning tone sounds if you deviate too much. On the left you will find a video that explains the acoustic biofeedback again.

EQUIMedi and EQUIFit - the perfect interplay for an innovative vertigo solution.
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