During the EQUIFit balance training the headphones are worn as usual. Thus, by its position directly on the head, it captures the information that our inner ear would otherwise collect: Namely the relative position of the head and its movements.

If the user deviates from the equilibrium position, EQUIFit provides him with acoustic feedback via spatial sound. This enables him or her to return to the equilibrium position in a targeted manner. Through regular training the other senses involved in balance learn to determine this position – the dizziness disappears.

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Therapeutic effect scientifically proven

and certified to the high standards of the German Medical Devices Act.

Efficient vertigo therapy

without medication, non-invasive and with long-term effect.

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strenghtens the linkage of balance and proprioception.

equifit-icon-intuitive-bedienung Kopie

Intuitive handling

with gesture control and audio guide.

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Long battery life

for a full week of undisturbed training.

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Dynamic training process

adapts to your individual progress - this way the training is safe and effective at all times.

Balance training with EQUIFit

  • Ready for immediate use
  • Regular training in your own four walls
  • Four-step training program pre-installed in the audio guide
  • Introduction and placement test at the beginning of the training
  • Dynamic adjustment to training progress and daily form
  • Acoustic signal for position correction
  • Safe walking by training natural reflexes

You can find more videos on our YouTube channel!

Acoustic biofeedback

  • Unconscious processes in the body are accessible through sounds
  • When leaning in one direction: sound from this direction
  • Warning sound if tilt is too strong