For vertigo diagnosis with EQUIMedi it is worn like a standard headset. Sensors determine and record information on head and body movements, similar to the posturography commonly used in the market. As last, via USB connection the data is transferred to EQUISoft for evaluation.

Efficient vertigo diagnosis

is fast, reliable and cost-efficient.


Therapeutic effect scientifically proven

and certified to the high standards of the German Medical Devices Act.

Including EQUISoft

the all-in-one software solution for the determination of the degree of vertigo, as well as further parameters for vertigo differentiation.


Measurement history

supports the evaluation of therapy success.

EQUIMedi determines a measure of dizziness as well as parameters for further dizziness differentiation. Those can be indicators for the intensity and extent of dizziness and compensatory movements. Additionally, EQUISoft stores these and displays them clearly arranged both graphically and numerically. The information supplements anamnesis and other diagnostic measures and thus supports the dizziness diagnosis and the selection of individual therapy measures.

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