EQUIMedi supports you (physicians and healthcare professionals) in vertigo diagnostics and facilitates the evaluation of vertigo symptoms, making the correct diagnosis and monitoring the success of treatment. Below you will find more information and an explanatory video.

Effectiveness scientifically proven

and fast, reliable and cost-efficient.


in evaluating the success of the therapy.

Acoustic biofeedback

can be optionally switched on during the measurement.



displays the results graphically and numerically.


in establishing the diagnosis of vertigo.

Interaction with EQUIFit

for dizziness therapy at home.



are measurable, valid and documentable.

More dynamic

than conventional posturography systems.

EQUIMedi is an innovation in vertigo diagnostics that measures swaying and compensatory movements with high precision. Your patients put it on like a standard pair of headphones. Sensors then determine and record information about head and body movements. Biofeedback can be optionally switched on during the measurements. In addition to the four predefined static and dynamic training and examination exercises, EQUIMedi offers you a free mode.

For example, in addition to the deviation from the starting position during the Unterberger pedaling test, the fluctuation range and speed can be observed and documented. EQUIMedi gives you the freedom to choose your own examination and therapy approaches and is therefore ahead of conventional posturography systems. In the video on the right our EQUIMedi is explained to you again. The data is transferred to the PC via USB connection. Our program EQUISoft saves them and displays them clearly both graphically and numerically.

You can find more videos on our YouTube channel!

Interaction with EQUIFit

EQUIMedi and EQUIFit, the patient device for dizziness therapy at home, make a perfect interaction. Patients exercise regularly with their EQUIFit, completing the same four exercises as measured with EQUIMedi. The success of the therapy can then be proven with the EQUIMedi.

EQUIMedi and EQUIFit - the perfect interplay for an innovative vertigo solution.
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