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Podcast: What to do if dizziness recurs?
Dr. med. Uso Walter was a guest at the F.A.Z. health podcast in October.
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Vertigo and stress
In a recent survey among ENT specialists at the HNOnet NRW, they stated that on average, 50% of all complaints complained of were stress-related or related to stress in practice. This included the symptom vertigo.
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Which medication helps with vertigo?
Acute vertigo is very threatening for those affected and often goes hand in hand with anxiety, stress reactions and nausea all the way to vomiting. However, it may take some time until the causes are found and ideally eliminated. Time in which an effective treatment with specialized medication can help relieve symptoms and avoid chronicity.
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Brings you into balance.
--- Worldwide unique biofeedback system --- Non-invasive and without medication --- Especially for the treatment of vertigo ---
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Efficient vertigo diagnostics.
--- Designed for doctors and medical professionals --- Supports objective evaluation of symptoms and diagnosis ---
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EQUIFit and EQUIMedi are approved medical devices in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC.