EQUIFit is suitable for anyone who wants to specifically train their balance. With regular training, a variety of dizziness symptoms can be reduced and gait stability can be improved. This can also protect you from an increased risk of falling. Recreational activities such as cycling, dancing, sports, etc. can be practiced again. Click on the respective plus on the pictures to learn more about the target groups of EQUIFit.

Everyone can work with EQUIFit and train their sense of balance! Whether on a doctor’s recommendation or on your own initiative, EQUIFit is available to everyone. Even if you work in medical facilities, such as hospitals, dizziness centers, rehabilitation clinics, physio practices or nursing homes, EQUIFit is the ideal choice for you or your patients, preferably in combination with EQUIMedi.

If you are unsure whether EQUIFit can help you, talk to your doctor to see if an exercise-based approach is right for you.

EQUIMedi and EQUIFit - the perfect interplay for an innovative vertigo solution.
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