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Vertigo training with biofeedback is one of the most effective methods for vertigo and dizziness complaints of all kinds to get back into balance. The position of the patient in space is measured by the devices and reflected back to the brain via a sensory channel as information. This information connects the brain with the signals from the body’s own measurement systems, and over time learns to rebalance without this information.

The devices on the market for biofeedback training differ considerably in terms of the measurement of the body position, the sense channel of the information reflected back and the practical handling of the training.

Devices that are similar to the organ of equilibrium and that measure body position in the head area and not, for example, in the upper body area are to be preferred. As a sensory channel for the reflected-back information, vision is less suitable than hearing, because the visual process itself, which is part of normal balance regulation, stabilizes it and thus makes training much less effective. Hearing, on the other hand, provides optimal spatial orientation without taking over the regulation of equilibrium and thus also allows dizziness training with closed eyes.

EQUIFit acoustic biofeedback

Based on these considerations, the vertigo trainer EQUIFit was developed, which uses a comfortable headphone to measure the deviation of the head and body and transmits it acoustically to the brain. Similar to a parking aid, acoustic signals indicate the direction and extent of the sway and allow targeted correction of posture. A structured exercise program leads you individually through the different levels of the training. Exercises while standing, walking and on different surfaces allow a gradual increase in the level of difficulty. The device detects when a level rise is safely possible and conveniently, the instructions are also given the same over the headphones, so that a tedious reading in training instructions deleted.

For the first time, EQUIFit also offers a biofeedback device for dizziness and vertigo training that can be conveniently used at home. The previous procedures were usually available only in specialized clinics and practices, which has a daily, continuous training, as required for a quick success, has made very difficult.

Author: Dr. med. Uso Walter (ENT Specialist)

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