Half-time: Successful start of the EQUIFit test campaign

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As expected, the EQUIFit product test got off to a good start. By mid-September, we had received numerous applications for the product test. These were carefully reviewed and the test persons handpicked. They will receive an EQUIFit as well as a diary to fill out. They are then allowed to put the device through its paces for four weeks free of charge. The only condition: their honest opinion.

The goal is to get more feedback from EQUIFit users and learn from their experiences. For example, we have learned that some creative users have adapted the training program to their specific needs with small exercise variations. These are currently being collected and the most promising ones will be compiled in an exercise book.

After the first half of the test campaign, we have already been able to gather a lot of valuable information. The EQUIVert team would like to thank the test persons for their feedback! Many praise the easy handling of the device. The gesture control makes the training easy to perform. The exercise announcements were also easy to understand.

Particularly pleasing: some said that they had already improved in the exercises during the four weeks of testing. After three to four weeks, for example, the symptoms of test person Charlotte W. appeared less frequently. With further training with EQUIFit, chances are good that dizziness could also decrease over time. Last but not least, some remarked that they felt well taken care of by the EQUIVert team. “The team was always available and helpful,” said test subject Dieter B.

In addition to all the positive feedback, there were of course also requests for improvement. These will be carefully examined and implemented as far as possible. Of course, these will be made available to our existing customers later via updates. However, it may still take some time until this is the case, as all feedback is being collected first.

So far, the EQUIVert team can be quite satisfied with the progress of the test campaign. We hope that the second half of the test campaign will bring us and our test persons further new insights and many positive feedbacks. After the end of the campaign, a comprehensive conclusion will be drawn.

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