Vertigo and stress

In a recent survey among ENT specialists at the HNOnet NRW, they stated that on average, 50% of all complaints complained of were stress-related or related to stress in practice. This included [...]

Which medication helps with vertigo?

Acute vertigo is very threatening for those affected and often goes hand in hand with anxiety, stress reactions and nausea all the way to vomiting. However, it may take some time until the causes [...]

Dizziness and cervical spine – is there a connection?

Many patients spontaneously claim to have had dizziness from cervical discomfort. But is there any? In any case, the experts are still not quite in agreement about this. While the ENT doctors [...]

When medication causes vertigo and dizziness

Anyone who has ever drunk a glass of wine knows that dizziness can be caused not only by disease, but also by chemical substances, such as medications. But not only alcohol can cause dizziness [...]

Positional vertigo and BPPV

Two-thirds of all acute dizzy spells are caused by dysfunction of the inner-ear equilibrium organ. And here again half of those affected suffers from a positional vertigo. The positional vertigo [...]

What to do in the case of acute vertigo?

Almost every second person suffers acute dizziness or vertigo at least once in their lives. What is the best way to behave when such an acute vertigo occurs? Doctors recommend to keep calm first. [...]

Dizziness, vertigo and fear – when the psyche loses its hold

The whole world turns suddenly, the ground sways and you seem to lose your footing. Dizziness and vertigo often feel very threatening to those affected and causes strong feelings of anxiety. And [...]

Seniority vertigo: counter fall risks with vertigo training

From the age of 70, seniority vertigo and with it the risk of falling increases with every other year of life. The causes for this are manifold: visual and hearing disorders, degradation [...]

EQUIFit: Rebalance yourself

Vertigo training with biofeedback is one of the most effective methods for vertigo and dizziness complaints of all kinds to get back into balance. The position of the patient in space is measured [...]

Biofeedback for vertigo and dizziness complaints

Today, we know that vertigo arises as a result of conflicting information to the brain. For example, if one of the equilibrium organs in the inner ear is less well than the other, the center of [...]

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